Is The Uncle / Nephew Relationship Has Any Influence On Even If Or Not There Is A Binding Agreement

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Issue: Is the uncle/nephew relationship has any influence on even if or not there is a binding agreement?
Relevant Law
To have a binding agreement with other party, offeror must offer something to the offeree and an offeree must receive the offer and it is accepted by the offeree. Any family relationship except married couple who is informally bound to fulfil his responsibilities towards his wife, have no influence on binding agreement. There should have intentions between two parties to enter into legal relations. Rose & Frank Co v JR Crompton & Bros Ltd, 1924
John, who was offeror made a promise with Greg, who was an offeree. John sent his offer with the help of letter and Greg accepted his offer and gave consideration to John by giving him cheque of $8,000 and there was intentions to make a legal relationship between them. However, John made an offer to Greg due to the relationship between them. See Balfour v Balfour, 1919.
All in all, it can be concluded that there was some influence on binding agreement between John and Greg due to uncle/nephew relationship. Because of his relationship between Greg, John wanted him to do business with him.
Answer B.
It is to be known as contract when two parties or more than it have agreement between them to perform or execute a promise. A contract can be in written, partly written and partly oral or wholly oral. Bills of exchanges, cheques, etc. are the best examples where contract must be in written to protect…
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