Is The United States A Wasteful Society?

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“Does the U.S. have a chance of reducing the amount of waste in the world today?”
For my sustainability project, my goal was to gather information on how to reduce waste in the environment in order to prevent the United States from being a wasteful society in the future. First, I began to recycle everything I used, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic forks, plastic spoons, aluminum cans, candy wrappers, and even all types of papers. As a result, I noticed the amount of trash I had (that was not recyclable, such as unfinished foods and food scraps) was a lot lighter and I did not have to keep taking the trash bag to the dumpster once a week. To conclude, I recycled for a total of 3 months, starting in the month of September in the year of 2016 to the month of November in the same year. I did this experiment to test my goal on how to reduce waste. I chose to do my sustainability project on ways to reduce the amount of waste in the world today because I learned from reading Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash by Edward Humes, that the United States is filled with trash and many times people do not realize the consequences of trash and how it’s polluting the environment. As a result, I decided to do my project on reducing the amount of waste in the world today. I am curious if people actually start recycling and reusing their waste that is unintentionally being thrown in the trash, does the United States have a chance of reducing all this waste?

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