Is The Vaccine Safe?

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There is a pandemic that affects up to 90% of people all around the world in their lifetime. (Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals, 2010) This is not diabetes, heart disease or Alzheimer’s but actually is a virus called HPV or Human papillomavirus. There is a way for people to protect themselves from this virus with the HPV vaccine. Many people have questions about this vaccine, like who should get it? Why should people so young be getting something that is known to be transmitted sexually? Is the vaccine safe? Is it effective? Or how does it work to protect against the virus? Other questions that may be asked are of the virus itself, what types of cancers does it cause? How does it work? or who is the most susceptible to this virus?…show more content…
Harold Zur Hausen was eventually awarded a Nobel peace prize. He and his team were also the ones to recognize that type 16 is found in over 50% of all cervical cancer patients. It was also found that over 95% of all cervical cancer is caused by some form of the virus. (Smith, 2014) The vaccine was originally researched to prevent Papillomavirus in cows but was eventually brought into the human realm of medicine. Professor Ian Frazer and Dr. Jian Zhou were the 1st people to create a vaccine that would protect against HPV called Gardasil. In 2006, the first vaccine to combat this problem was approved by the FDA called Gardasil which protects against strains 6,11,16, and 18. (Gardasil Questions and Answers, 2006) The vaccine works by causing an immune response in the body which creates antibodies against the virus. This immune response occurs because the vaccine is made of proteins from the virus that have been denatured it such a way that they will not cause the infection while still creating an immune response. Any vaccine that is made in this fashion is called a recumbent vaccine because it uses the DNA from the virus itself to create an immune response (Klein, 2014). According to the CDC,
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