Is The War On Terror Ethical?

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Is the War on Terror ethical? Since the establishments of governments, since human societies had kings and queens, since governments were run under a religious doctrine, there has always been conflict between different groups of people. There will always be differences among people of different cultures, religions, race and ethnicity. There has always been a division of power between people and inequality in the world. There was a point in human history that slaves were bought and sold as property, as if life was insignificant and could be bought again. It was the norm between cultures to push away any new movement that threatened ideologies of their regime and it was necessary to maintain control of their people. It is difficult to imagine a world where people didn’t have a voice, but there was a time in our history that these inequalities in government really mattered and defined you as a person. How did governments and regimes handle conflicts and upheavals? War. War was the first and last defense, it was not used as a noun but an action verb. It was the only thing that gave a sense of security and to an extent it was necessary, not so much because we were incapable of compromising, but simply because it was another established norm. War was the way to settle differences among governments it gave right to peace between people after a war. Flash forward to modern society war is not our only solution to problems. There have been many strong leaders like Gandhi, Martin
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