Is The Washington Football Franchise?

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By now, even if you are a casual sports fan-as I am-you have probably heard that Canadian doctor Albert Galea named names in the area of Human Growth Hormone recipients, and one of them was the top receiver for the Washington football franchise, Santana Moss. Note here that I refer to the team in question as the Washington football franchise. After all these years, I am still dumbfounded that all followers of the NFL, in town and out, are perfectly comfortable with a team that is named for an ethnic slur. Goodness (and my typical reader) knows, I am not a huge fan of pc, but this crosses the line. To be sure, a great many native Americans think the name stinks, but what do they matter? Apparently nothing. What 's worse is that American Indians have had very little presence in the nation 's capital, so there is scant reason, even for an acceptable mascot name along that line. It makes about as much sense as having a team called The Minnesota Wops. Back when the team was winning, its success could be attributed, in no small part, to its excellent offensive line, known collectively as The Hogs. Now wouldn 't that be a better mascot name for the team? It not only hearkens back to a successful era, it has plenty of relevance to the team 's home town. What relevance, you may ask. Are you kidding? This whole town is fueled by political pork. Getting back to Mr. Moss, we still do not know whether or to what extent he will be punished for his doping. The best guess seems to be a
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