Is The Water Based Exercise?

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decreased in pain during the 50-foot walk test compared to the land-based exercises.7 So the article and the point I’m making is the water-based exercise is a great tool to use for people with osteoarthritis. The conclusion of both studies shows aquatic therapy helps people with osteoarthritis with keeping the patient active, strengthening their joints, pain relief, and helping them to not fatigue as quickly as land exercises or activities would do. The third diagnose or symptoms aquatic therapy can help is low back pain. Low back pain can be caused by multiple factors like over usage, bad posture, injury, musculoskeletal problems. Patients with low back pain can range from an elderly person, pregnant woman, mild aged person, teenager, baby, athlete, or a farmer. Low back pain can either be chronic, lasting more than three months or acute pain less than 3 months. Aquatic therapy can help improve low back function, low back pain, and help people with low back to get back to work. In water, your back has less weight, and stress, which, makes it more mobile, which can help you to do good back stretching. Back pain can be decreased simply by being able to move, and stretch back more easily in water. Also if you are suffering chronic back pain being in warm water will cause vasodilation which will help lead blood towards the area of pain. If you have acute pain being in cold water can cause vasoconstriction which will help stop the blood from running to that area. There was a
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