Is The Youth Criminal Justice Act Really A Deterrent?

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Is the Youth in Criminal Justice Act really a deterrent to youth? The Youth in Criminal Justice Act often gets a bad rap for not being hard enough on its young offenders. There is a divide between those who would like to see these youth rehabilitated, and those who like to see them punished with lengthy prison sentences. The following case of R. v. G.-E.(A.), is a prime example of how difficult it can be to chose the most appropriate sentence for a youth offender with the Youth in Criminal Justice Act in Canada. The following case had two critical issues; should Mr.G’s crime be deemed a serious violence offence (SVO)? , and should he have been tried as an adult? In addition to a critical analysis of the aforementioned issues, this research paper will give a brief description of the case, sentencing and requests by the Crown/Defense Counsel, relevant laws (and their limitations) and alternative sentencing options. Lastly, this paper aims to shed light on all the factors that go into making a final sentence for a youth offenders. Case Description This case is surrounding a home invasion that took place on July 26, 2010. The defendant referred to as Mr. G. –E. (A.), who at the time was 17 years of age. He was unemployed, not attending school, and had a youth record leading up to the incident. Mr.G. –E. (A.), who will now be referred to as ‘Mr.G’ for clarity purposes, entered the apartment of Mr. Savan Bena in Toronto, Ontario. A mutual friend of Mr. Bena and Mr. G let Mr.G,
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