Is Theology A Science Of God?

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Introduction Theology is a science of God which looks to comprehend God 's creation, especially man and his condition, and God 's redemptive working in connection to humankind. On the off chance that theology is science, with a particular sort of reason routines for showing what science generates and improves in its access of faith. As Aristotle observed, each field of demand ought to apply a strategy appropriate to it, and it is the characteristic of an imbecile to attempt to use, for instance, a scientific system in a morals field (Westberg and Daniel 103). In like manner, it is silly to attempt to utilize exact routines to refute the presence of God, for God can 't be a subject to analyze, yet must be looked for as the shrouded first…show more content…
Its goal is not just to set up a conclusion by the method for the power of God 's Revelation, additionally to infiltrate that Revelation, to get a handle on the reasons, embodiments, qualifications, interrelations, and outcomes of uncovered truths, seeing that this is conceivable. For instance, if God uncovers that He offers effortlessness to humanity, theology offers the conversation starter as to what beauty seems to be, what are its reasons and purposes, and whether there are various types of elegance and how they vary (Reich and Helmut, 80). Theology in this manner offers conversation starters as to the significance, causes, forces, suggestions, and interrelations of what God uncovers. It instructs the devotee how to consider philosophical issues, with the goal that he can see with his own eyes the purposes behind every conclusion, and how they lay on uncovered truths and substantial widespread standards. Just along these lines can theology be a science and increase some seeing, however, constrained, of the substance of the faith. The embodiment of each perspective is established in its otherworldly, mystical, overseeing suppositions about the way of reality. It is never truly an issue of which of us activities faith and that one doesn 't. Faith is something inside
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