Is There A Future For The Police Canine?

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Is there a future for the police canine? “In the wake of social, technological, environmental, economic and political changes, the future law enforcement executive must carefully consider if there is a future role for police K-9 programs. will the impact of technology eliminate the need for K-9 programs? Will the use of the police dog become more of a liability than an asset?” (Zwicky ii ) Modern law enforcement is not what it used to be 100 years ago. In most aspects everythings changed except a few things, one being Dogs, dogs have and will be an important aspect for years to come. Thoe there are those who say that dogs have no place in law enforcement, that they are unreliable and no longer needed for the job. In this paper i will argue the importance of dogs in law enforcement and that their use should not be underlooked, for these police dogs are used for everything from finding drugs and bombs to locating missing children and escaped convicts. Modern law enforcement has changed drastically due to advancements such as, untraceable cell phones, cyber attacks, illegal weapon trade, terrorist attacks and drug trafficking, for police trying to uphold the law in a time that is so chaotic and uncertain even they need some help. Dogs have been used by man for centuries, dating as far back as drawings on cave walls, early man saw the use of canines and used them for hunting and tracking down game. It was not soon after the formation of large cities that man saw the use of the
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