Is There Fast Food Near You?

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Christian Rosado
Erin Mullikin
WRT 205
5 April 2013

Is there fast food near you?

Fast food outlets in America have become numerous and along with it a childhood obesity epidemic has sprouted. Continuous concern for our youth has grown, as our youth are on average heavier than the previous generation. For these reasons, it is necessary to address the relationship that fast food has on children, particularly the relationship that childhood obesity and fast food proximity have on one another. However, this may not be necessarily true as there are many other factors and variables that may cause obesity within children. Compounded with the many factors that cause obesity such as genetics, disease, and culture, through research, I have found that children that are generally closer to fast food restaurants are on average above the normal body mass index. This shows us that there is a positive correlation between fast food proximity and consumption, which eventually leads to childhood obesity.
There are many smaller factors that when added up take a toll on the study’s findings. Such factors rely on the habits of the consumer. Does the child eat fast food several times per week, and is he necessarily getting quality minerals and vitamins from the food? Other variables include parents, environment, exercise, education, genetics, etc. It must also be noted that fast food does not cause children to become overweight and obese, but constant consumption of it does. Moreover,

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