Is There Such a Thing as Two Brains

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Is There Such a Thing as Two Brains?
The human brain has always been a mystery. For many years researchers and scientists have ventured into the daunting task of understanding how the brain works. Even though they have accomplished to unearth new ideas and theories there is still an overwhelming abyss of the unknown. There is one theory that stands out the most from all others known as the right brain-left brain theory which originated from the work of Roger W. Sperry and who was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1981. Since then there have been scientific research that suggest that the brain for the most part works as a whole rather than independently divided by two hemispheres. With all of these new discoveries emerging everyday
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In the past many educational organizations have had their curriculums evolve around a logical approach to teaching and in a way alienating the right-brain dominant student. Just because the professor teaches the opposite way doesn’t mean the student will be unsuccessful. (Leesmann, 2012) However it is safe to say that currently they have incorporated more strategies to benefit the right-brain dominant student. But is it beneficial only to the right-brain or could the left-brain also benefit from this? Could this cause the brain to evolve and thus cause both hemispheres to communicate amongst each other more?
Webb (1983) asked the question “Are the hemispheres trying to create a balance with each other?” (p. 511). According to Pritchard (2008) yes, some functions are shared, in the case of language there are matched areas in both sides of the brain, but their functions are slightly different. (p. 89). A research by the American Psychological Association (2004) has also shown that in subjects such as math the brain is stronger if both halves work together. As educators continue to find new ways to incorporate the use of both hemispheres simultaneously the more the brain will be considered as one entity. There will come a time in which the division of the brain will merely be physical and not educational. Pritchard (2008) resumed it best; the almost infinite complexity of the
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