Is There Too Much Power In Congress

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Being a part of Congress is one of the most powerful political positions in America. Congress is made up of the House of Representative and Senate for a grand total of 535 members. While that may not give give an individual power, it gives the large group so much power to do many things and even override the president on certain occasions. Most decisions they make need a ⅔ vote from the group. Congress many other powers, maybe too much power. Congress has too much power because of its expressed powers, implied/inherent powers, and its “voting powers”. To find out what powers that Congress has, you need to look at the Constitution. To find the Congressional powers in the Constitution, you’ll need to look at Article 1, Section 8. There you will…show more content…
These type of powers are only suggested by the Constitution. These powers are very small in number compared to those that are in the Constitution Article 1, Section 8. Almost all the powers that are implied are for domestic issues, with one being foreign. The foreign power deals with Congress having the power to implement a draft into the armed forces. Some of the domestic powers deal with economics, such as: Congress has the power to use money to support schools and social programs (welfare and social security), and have the power to control processes and procedures of the IRS. Other domestic powers include prohibiting discrimination (schools, restaurants, etc.), limiting legal immigrants to the U.S., and the last power is necessary and proper clause - Congress has the power to make laws that are necessary and proper to maintain “our” way of life. The problem I see here is Congress’s power to decide what’s right or wrong. The other type of power that isn’t in the Constitution is the Inherent powers. Inherent powers are basically powers that all governments of independent nations possess because they don’t need to be spelled out. The two examples from our notes are: the power to control borders and make agreements with other nations. All these powers give Congress the ability to control the people. Giving Congress the power to implement a draft is too much. The last time Congress implemented a draft was for the Vietnam War on December 7, 1972. A very rough estimate of the amount of draft dodgers for the Vietnam War was around 200,000. When you have that many people are avoiding a draft set by Congress, you know something went wrong. You give Congress the ability to have power of the people as toys in their war games without the approval of the population and then the population will respond negatively. Lastly we will talk about the one power not specifically in the Constitution, Congress’s
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