Is There a Crisis in the Australian Film Industry? Essay

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Introduction This essay explores the popularity of Australian film, both locally and internationally and asks the question: Is there a crisis in the Australian Film Industry? This essay will go through the current issues the Australian Film Industry and will demonstrate examples of those problems. To understand why Australian movies are the way they are now, there must be a review of the history of the films produced in Australia, because through out time, the films have had successes as well as some failures. The first one is the economical issue, reviewing the screen policy with a particular reference on the 10BA tax incentive. Then making a brief reference of the recent film Australia (Baz Luhrmann, 2008) and Red Dog (Kriv…show more content…
American films have spectacular budgets not only for their films but also for marketing. Australian films lack these massive marketing budgets. What helped Red Dog’s success was not extensive marketing but because it was popular with families and therefore word of mouth got it the recognition it deserved. In some cases Australian films do receive the budget it desires and a film can be advertised around the globe. “Australia” is a prime example – it was marketed so extensively that everybody felt they needed to see it as it would become a topic of conversation amongst all. However this movie for some film scholars proved to be a way for the tourism department to promote Australia. “…, it is hard to see Luhrmann’s Australia as anything other than an extension of his exquisitely shot commercials for the Australian Tourism Commission.” (Simpson, 2009, p.91) “Australians have spent more than a century debating national identity.” (Archer, 2008) Australia cinema has produced popular movie genres, such as action, crime, horror; however in recent years the term Ozploitation has been used to describe the Australian genre. This term was first used by Mark Hartley on the documentary “Not Quite Hollywood” (2008). It has brought Australian movies into the attention of critics and film festivals. Although it may be a good way to promote the local film industry
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