Is There a Philippine Public Administration?

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Is there a Philippine Public Administration? The author did not deny the fact that there is a Philippine Public Administration. He, instead, described what kind of Public Administration the Philippines had. It was stated that the public administration of a country is shaped by three major institutions: education, politics and government.
The author describes education in the Philippines as poor especially in the areas of science,and History. I have seen so many interviews by fellow Filipinos and foreigners asking Filipinos what they know about the Philippine history and most answers were just a shake of the head (indicating that they don’t know the answer) or a simple “hindi ko alam” (I have no idea). The Filipinos, then and now, are
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Cronyism is so rampant in the Philippines, most especially during the Marcos era. But the one thing that caught my attention was when President Noynoy Aquino promoted Manny Pacquiao to lieutenant colonel. Manny Pacquiao was enlisted in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army with the rank of Sergeant on April 27, 2006 as a form of courtesy by then Colonel Alexander Yano who was a Brigade Commander in Sarangani. After this, the promotions kept pouring and just right after his matches. On October 7 2007, He was promoted as Master Sergeant after he defeated Antonio Barrera. I just don’t understand all of this. I don’t even know why he’s in Congress. All he does is train for a boxing match. How would he ever have time to do his duties to the citizens? And now he’s Lieutenant Colonel. Quoting a source: [President Benigno Aquino III] on September 21 authorized the promotion of Pacquiao from a reserve senior master sergeant to a lieutenant colonel. He skipped the ranks of chief master sergeant, second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain and major. Major Harold Cabunoc, the Philippine Army Spokesperson said: “Being an elected official at ang karangalan na ibinigay ni Pacman sa buong bansa, at of course sa Army, parang hindi sapat na siya lang ay isang senior master sergeant,” Just because he’s the 8th time World Boxing Champion doesn’t mean
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