Is There a Youth Epidemic in Narcissism?

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Is there a Youth Epidemic in Narcissism? There does seem to be a youth epidemic in regards to narcissist behaviors because many kids seem to believe that whatever they do is worthy of praise from everyone surrounding them. It is understandable why a child receives so much praise from those who surround them. Parents in our society are having smaller families than previous generations in our countries history. Therefore, parents have more attention to devote to one or two kids as opposed to maybe five or six in previous generations. Furthermore, with smaller families, each child might seem more special and parents devote a significant amount of attention to their kids. Furthermore, children enjoy receiving praise to and will seek it out at every available opportunity. For example, if a child receives a trophy for one event that they participated in, they might expect the same reward for everything that they do in the future. Parents do not want to let down their children's expectations and now demand that their children receive rewards whenever possible. Therefore, the reason children and parents have come to expect that the children are rewarded are quite understandable. Yet this is also the basis for the so-called youth epidemic of narcissism. However, it is really not an epidemic in narcissism. The children are not behaving in a narcissistic manner because they believe they are better than everyone else. Instead, they are seeking praise because it feels good.

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