Is There really a Link Between Depression and Suicide?

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When the word suicide comes to the minds of some, it can be very immobilizing. After all, it is a very serious, deep, and dark topic to converse about. Those who commit suicide have most likely had a history of depression. This is what makes most logical sense. What seems to be the problem though? So many people experience depression. Why should this matter? Depression can be something someone has to live with temporarily, but if the emotions go to as far as killing one's self over it, then that is too much. Life is a valuable gift to have, and one should not want to take their own life for any reason. Many reasons are to blame here for one to commit suicide such as the environment in which one lives in and society itself. Bullying, neglect, conflict, family problems are just some of what make the life of people experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts quite miserable. People under such conditions are quite miserable from life's troubles and feel as if there is nowhere to go. All hope is lost for them. These people would think that they are better off dead. Society has to learn give attention to help those affected by depression by improving its ways. Is there really a link between depression and suicide? This question can be debatable. The question can have multiple opinionative answers. "The strongest risk factor for suicide is depression." (SAVE foundation, Suicide facts, That is the facts and they present that a link is present. In all truth and logical
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