Is This Truly The Case? If So, What Are The Reasons For

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Is this truly the case? If so, what are the reasons for this broad range of inequality in our education system? The answer is; yes, this is the case, and it can be proven statistically. There are two definitive reasons why. First is the inflated cost of education in America. Secondly is the inability of poor families to acquire the substantial financial capital that is required to pay for a quality education for their children. Both of these conclusions can be supported with a cost analysis of education in America, as well as, the differences per family income that are provided by the U. S. Census Bureau. Annual tuition rates at state supported colleges and universities in the U. S. run on average about $8,660. In the U. S. about 6.6…show more content…
The prominent reason why expenditures per student and the allocation of revenue varies so greatly between these wealthier school districts and the more impoverished school districts in America, is the fact that their budgets are based on revenue generated by property taxes. The higher the taxes in a district, the greater the revenue and the resulting increase in financial capital that a school district has at its disposal. The result is much smaller class sizes, state of the art technology and facilities, better qualified teachers and faculty, and a significantly more amount of personal attention for the privileged students that attend these private schools. Where does this leave our society when we consider the right to an equal opportunity education in America? “Across the United States, about 90% of the 55.1 million primary and secondary school children attend state-funded public schools.” (Macionis 472) Those students that re fortunate enough to be enrolled in the remaining 10% of private schools in the more affluent districts gain the advantage of resources that are allocated through higher tax revenues. Therefore, they receive a better funded education than those children that are left behind in the community schools that are unable to generate the same wealth of revenue. Research shows that children who benefit from this financial advantage in the better funded and more prestigious schools test better and
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