Is Time Travel Logically Possible?

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Is time travel logically possible?
A logical possibility is something that doesn’t contradict itself, and likewise a logical impossibility is something that does contradict itself. So saying that someone has two hands, a left hand, a right hand, and two left hands, simply doesn’t make sense, because that would mean the person has two hands and four hands, this is a logical impossibility.
Time is the continuation of events, whether this be in the past, present or future. Time has been found to have different consistencies depending on variables, two of these variables have been found to be gravity and velocity, which both have an effect on time. The effect of this can be seen by looking into space, or more exactly, space stations, it was found that clocks on a space station run differently than clocks on the surface of earth, although the time difference is incredibly small, about a tenth of a second after a year, the effect is still observable.
Travel generally implies the freedom to move to and from various locations at will, or rather as circumstances allow. However, this doesn’t have to be the case with time travel, what if time travel was only possible with a one way ticket, this would mean that it would be possible to travel to the desired location, but not back again.
It is widely believed by modern day physicists that time travel is possible, but only forward in time, and not back in time. The method for this is theoretically very easy, but it would require near…

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