Is Time Travel Possible? Essay

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Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Star Gate, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Terminator, The Time Machine, and so on so forth. These movies and TV shows have one thing and common witch as your can guess is time travel. But if you look at each single one separate not one time travel is the same from the other. Before we begin we shall learn what time travel is. Time travel is when one person, matter, or object moves in a three dimensional direction in time. The three dimensions are length, width and height but for this explanation we can also put it as forward and backward, left and right, and up and down. If we add the fourth dimension which Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (Guidry) has shown to be time to these three dimensions…show more content…
“But time dilation due to velocity means that clocks for astronauts in space run slightly slower relative to people who are on ground.” (Atkinson) This also happens to our GPS’s and satellites in the air time travel every year that they need special calibration to not throw someone’s direction off by 6 miles. “The effects of gravity, as well as the satellites' increased speed above the Earth relative to observers on the ground, make the unadjusted clocks gain 38 microseconds a day. (Engineers make calibrations to account for the difference.)” (Howell) Traveling at the speed of light is nearly impossible you have to consider having the right space ship, the g forces being pulled on the human body, and the fuel to be able to get up to that speed. “To approach the speed of light means circling the Earth pretty fast. Seven times a second. But no matter how much power the train has, it can never quite reach the speed of light, since the laws of physics forbid it.” (Hawkins) “A really big time warp requires an intense gravitational field.” (Davies) That’s were a wormhole comes in, “A wormhole is a theoretical 'tunnel' or shortcut, predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity, that links two places in space” (Hawkins). This is commonly seen in the sci-fi show Star Gate or Time Bandit. “The truth is that wormholes are all around us, only they're too small to see” (Hawkins). So small that they can
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