Is Today 's Society Becoming A Dystopian World?

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Is today’s society becoming a dystopian world? Both the novels 1984 by George Orwell and The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood provide warnings of how each author sees certain problems in society leading to dystopian states. Civilizations are forced to live by rules and for certain purposes to ensure the governments own goals and aspirations, but arise for different reasons. Atwood is concerned with political groups and aspects of feminism; 'The Handmaids Tale ' illustrates how declining birth rates could lead to a state where women are forced into bearing children. In contrast, when Orwell wrote 1984, just after World War two, he was concerned that governments were moving more toward totalitarianism. He worried that these governments might start taking away more of people 's rights and freedoms. Both Authors believe that, soon enough governments will control everything, including freedom of expression, sexuality, and Language. Both novels are a perfect example of this, they correctly predicted what will in fact happen around they world.
Loss of freedom of expression and speech is a main theme throughout Orwell’s 1984. Freedom of speech has everything to do with this novel. No one would ever speak out about what they like or dislike in casual conversation, knowing that it would be kept on record until it could be used against them to make them conform. Members of the Party do not have freedom of speech. The Proles are the only ones in the novel who can freely speak their

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