Is Too Much Quality Time Possible? Essay

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Everyone has had that person in his or her life who is a good friend and only getting better. Everything is going great until this person gets a boyfriend or girlfriend. Almost everything is downhill from there. No matter how much someone likes his or her boyfriend or girlfriend, there is always a need for community elsewhere as well. There are some needs that generally just cannot be adequately met by a single person, even if that person is a significant other before marriage. As a matter of fact, there is much loss to be had when ones priorities become skewed. The effects of this are definitely cause for attention. When one throws all of his or her available time into a single relationship before marriage, other important facets of this individual’s life tend to crumble from a lack of maintenance; relationships already held tend to decay, other responsibilities are neglected, and an inappropriate intimacy can grow.
The first major effect of not limiting the time one spends with one’s pre- marriage significant other is the fact that relationships the individual currently holds can very easily break down. As with anything, all relationships require work and maintenance. It is interesting to note that this is true in the scientific realm as well; the Second Law of Thermodynamics is defined as, “In terms of entropy, the second law states that the total entropy of a closed system cannot decrease” (The Penguin Dictionary of Science, 2009). It is fascinating how much of life…

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