Is Training For Success?

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It can be said that training is the forcing of habits onto an individual or group in order to get a desired outcome with little to no thought. Therefore, individuals conducting training implant habits in the student, we draw from these habits on the battlefield when initiative, momentum, and violence of action are imperative to success. These habits allow action with barely a pause. Adversely, habits, training, and strict adherence to specific tasks without adjustment to the situation can, and often times in the face of an intelligent and adaptable enemy, lead to catastrophe. It is imperative that in the ever changing environment of the battlefield we must assess an action or decision that led to success against the current situation…show more content…
Whether yelled during patrol after the crack of a bullet, or talked about at night while discussing the other Companies. A word that in month one had caused fear was now nothing more than a routine action, gain cover, return fire, vehicles conduct cordon, dismounts clear the buildings. Often finding bullet casings, but never a shooter, two shots, then gone, we imagined he truly enjoyed his game of hide and seek. Small changes to the situation became commonplace, right side unable to establish cordon due to obstacles, the number of homes inhabited or not. Small indicators that initially raised red flags became the norm. Strategically, one indicator of success is finding, engaging, and destroying the enemy. However, a common interpretation of success made at the team and squad level is completing the mission with the same individuals you began it with. This validation of actions as seen through a minimized idea of success reinforced a pattern of habit, as opposed to thought, and allowed the enemy to slowly train actions like a rat in a maze. 29 September, 2007, began as another routine day, wake up, mission prep, and roll out. Sniper presence had increased within our sector throughout the week, but as of yet, had not made any significant impact. Halfway through the mission, second Platoon, operating several miles to the west, reported sniper fire resulting in one wounded. Additionally, they requested my Platoon fall in on their current positions and conduct
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