Is Trump Thinking Straight?

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Is Trump Thinking Straight? The U.S. economy today is not topnotch from a U.S. American’s viewpoint. People blame it on the laws, the economy, other countries, or even themselves and there is an endless list that can be made. One of the problems that have been trialed before us by the Republican politician, Donald Trump, is the population of illegal immigrants in the United States. He believes if we deport all illegal immigrants that our countries crimes will decrease incredibly and that our nation will be strong once again (Timm). As I first heard about this argument I agreed with Trump, but after researching all the plans he has made, and his actions he thinks are “smart”, I’m not sure I would agree with this aggressive, conceited politician. This topic has been a debate for many years, but now Trump has made huge plans for the situation. He plans to build a wall or type of fence along the southern part of the border. Not only that, but he plans for Mexico to pay for it, which is a very brand new plan we have heard about (Deb). My question is how does he plan to make Mexico follow with this idea? There has already been given proof that the president of Mexico will not agree with this method (Wilstein). “Of course it’s false. It reflects an enormous ignorance for what Mexico represents,” stated Eduardo Sanchez, a spokesperson for the Mexican President (Wilstein). So if we decide to build this wall, it will have to come out of our countries’ pocket, which is already empty of
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