Is Turkey A Democracy?

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Dictatorship vs. Democracy Over half of the countries in the world are considered democracies, one of which being Turkey. Turkey believes that they are a model of a true democracy while other countries believe that Turkey is very far from being considered a democracy. This has been an ongoing argument amongst many people. If we take in to consideration what it means to be a true democracy, then Turkey would only possess a few of those qualities. If we were to look at the basic structure and elements of a dictatorship, Turkey would fit into majority of them. This is what leads me to believe that Turkey should not be considered a democracy but instead a soft dictatorship. There is a lot of evidence that would prove as to why Turkey should not be considered a democracy including, lack of freedom in many different way, lack of suffrage rights, a long process of trying to become a member of the European Union, high levels of government control, and high military power. According to Joseph Colomer, author of “The Science of Politics”, the minimalist definition of democracy is defined by two basic things, freedom and elections. He mentions within his book that in order to be a democracy you must have freedom of association along with freedom of expression and information. This is something that Turkey lacks. Freedom of association means to be able to form groups or clubs and meet without interference of the government. Turkey’s government has been known to interfere with
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