Is University Is The Right Choice For Them?

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After graduating from high school, many students consider going to a four-year university, or going to a community college in order to transfer into a university. The main question is whether going to a university is the right choice for them? According to Mike Rustigan’s article, “Is a college degree necessary?” he stresses the negligence of vocational education as college is not for every student (Rustigan, 2010). I agree with Rustigan’s statement because if everyone is going for a career in the white-collar area, that mean there will be a shortage of blue-collar workers. For example, if every student is going to become a doctor, who are we going to call when there is a water leak in the house? America needs to consider vocational studies as a main component in education because of the imbalance of blue-collar jobs, college is not for every high school student, and the competition from other nations. Recently more and more Americans are choosing their career path in becoming a doctor, lawyer, or a career that pay a competitive salary along with benefits. What does that mean for plumbers, welders and locksmiths? In Business Insider’s article, “Blue Collar Jobs Are Disappearing” Michael Snyder described blue collar workers are becoming an “endangered species” (Synder, 2012). The evaporation of skill blue-collar jobs and no one is doing anything about it; therefore, the need to train new generation labor skills in order to keep up the demand and needs is…

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