Is University Of West London A Fast Growing Educational Institution Based On London

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The case study organisation is University of West London’s which is a fast growing educational institution based in London. With over 40,000 students enrolled in a number of graduate and post graduate courses, there is a significant demand for computing facilities at the university campus. Consequntly the management felt a need to refurbish the computing facilities to provide the students with state of art computing facilities which will help them in their education. His is critical for the students given that most of the research sources are available online and students need access these resources to be able to complete their studies. The refurbishment project is holistic in the sense that every aspect of the computing lab including…show more content…
Project Overview This project will involve refurbishing the computing lab at the Ealing campus of University of West London. During refurbishment every aspect of the lab including hardware, software and furniture will be replaced by state of art and latest equipment. Project will begin in March and will be completed in 6 months time. The total cost of the project is estimated at £1 million. Justification Business Need There have been significant changes in computing technology and use of this latest technology to UWL’s aim to be a top class university. It is essential not only for marketing purposes but also for achieving high levels of students’ satisfaction. The current computing systems are not adequate for benefitting from the latest technology. While the system will incur an additional cost of £1 million but it is expected that the cost will be recovered in 3 year time. Having a state of art computing lab will increase not only the demand of some computing courses but will increase the reputation of the university as a whole thereby generating prospective students’ interest in the
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