Is Urban Sprawl Threatening the Sustainability of Cape Town

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South Africa is a thriving building site, Cape Town being a city in this developing country is rapidly changing (South Africa. 2013:no page numbers). Virtually half of Cape Town was constructed in only the last 25 years, with the growth continuing as the city is developing (South Africa. Department of environmental affairs, 2010: 3).
Urban sprawl is an increased development of land which occurs in both suburban and rural areas, this all occurs outside of the urban boundaries. The urban transformation which is occurring is a major threat to the identity of the city as there is a decrease in the amount of definable boundaries and in the end the city loses its clear edge and its individual identity. The economic change occurring includes replacing of historical spaces due to the shortage of space for urban development. (Gosztola, 2014: 63-65)
The following paper asks the question of whether urban sprawl is threatening the sustainability of the city and whether there is a need for urban sprawl to spread out into Philippi and allow for development on the Philippi farmland. This entails looking at the problems that a growing city faces, looking at the bigger picture of the capability of urban infrastructure in South Africa as well as more centralised to Cape Town and lastly the rising food security verse development issue.
2. For or against development in the Philippi farmland:
2.1. Against development

The question about whether the Philippi area is a potential…

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