Is Us Based Online Gambling Under Threat?

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Article 7 – Is US based online gambling under threat?

For years, the online gambling industry has fought tooth and nail for the right to have a legal presence in the United States. This is because for all that the country presents in terms of freedom, they still maintain a strong stance against online gambling. It wouldn’t be until 2011 that certain states cleared online gambling, while 47 others still have it on a “TBC” list. The three states (Delaware, New Jersey, and of course Nevada) who have stepped out to become the first US states to authorize online gambling having been reaping the rewards. But given the Republican outlook on online gambling, could the already limited field be under threat?

Online gambling first arrived in the
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It is evident that while there is support for online gambling in the US, the rumblings of discontent are getting louder. Sheldon Adelson was the initial man trumpeting the cause for outlawing online gambling, it is clear that he has now found support in Senator Graham and Senator Rubio.

Many within the online casino industry are dually worried about what a change in law would truly mean to the fledging industry, with one particular entity being under serious threat. Online lotteries are one of the leading forms of online gambling, but could be put under threat due to the proposal. What makes the situation bizarre is that state lottery tickets could still be purchased over the counter, while horseracing would still be legal, yet online lotteries like the popular Mega Millions could be doomed.

Online gambling has been a big hit around the world and is starting to find a strong audience within US borders. But the reality is that the entire field could be outlawed before it has even really got started. Due to the new proposal, the future of online gambling looks fairly murky. Largely, as many are unsure if the change of presidential party could result in a change of direction for online gambling for the worse. It seems that over the next 12 months, online casino gambling in the US could be on the brink of a true boom or bust phase.

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