Is Utopia A Perfect Society

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The book Utopia by Sir Thomas Moore, tells the concept of a “perfect” society. It is told from the perspective of a man Tomas moore is talking to. This man is Raphael Hythloday, who was a voyager and went to an island with very different rules and way of life. The book talks about the way these people live, and the way other countries live. Questions on this topic are what will be addressed. What are big problems that other countries have that Utopia doesn’t? What are some of the ways of life the utopians live by? Is this Utopia perfect, or achievable?
What are big problems that other countries have? Raphael said, “...who took occasion to runout in a high commendation of the severe execution of justice upon thieves, who , as he said, were
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Lastly, everyone gets what they need, because they make plenty for everyone. If one person mainly farms, others can come and take what they need, because the farmer is able to go and take what he needs from them, that he cannot produce for himself. With this, no one goes hungry, is cold, or has anything to complain about, because everyone is doing their part. This is very different from anywhere else, because money is used to buy what we need, and we earn that money from what we did or made, so if one doesn’t have enough, they go hungry.
Is this Utopia perfect, or achievable? The idea of a perfect society comes into everybody's minds at some point in their lives. Not having to worry about getting a job, money, a house, or food, never arguing or disagreeing with anyone, or anything that causes people to stress or be sad. Raphael believes this is the answer, “...So easy a thing would it be to supply all the necessities of life, if that blessed thing called money ...was not really the only thing that obstructed their bing procured.”(Moore 80). It wouldn’t be impossible to get rid of all of the money in the world, but would it solve all of the problems? Even if life was like this book and all of our need were taken care of, people would still have disagreements on what is fair, the babies going to different homes, slavery, and other things. At the beginning of the book, Raphael said people were very idle and that
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