Is Veganism A More Humane And Responsible Lifestyle

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Research Question: How is veganism a more humane and responsible lifestyle in the U.S. today, in terms of global warming and animal welfare?

Veganism is a more sustainable lifestyle in the U.S. today in terms of global warming and animal welfare. It helps to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, prevent deforestation, is healthier for the body, and prevents the terrible treatment of animals in CAFOs. With the negative effects on the environment and the terrible treatment of the animals, the question comes to, is there a sustainable way to consume meat?

A vegan diet cuts back on the amount of greenhouse gases produced.Greenhouse gases are needed gasses in the atmosphere that can be produced both naturally and unnaturally, they only become dangerous when levels begin to rise much too high i.e. since the industrial revolution.The sun emits solar radiation, the radiation is taken in the atmosphere and the planet absorbs it. Some is reflected while the rest is emitted from the Earth, due to too many greenhouse gases, the radiation is trapped and can cause the Earth to warm.There are many different causes of greenhouse gas emissions, but a very large contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions is the meat industry. Producing a small amount over two pounds of beef causes more greenhouse gas emissions than driving a car for three hours. It also uses up more energy than leaving on all the lights in your house for three hours. One…
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