Is Vegetarianism Becoming Popular Food? Essay

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In today 's society, people are becoming more and more health consciousness and aware of their diets, causing scrutiny towards the effects of our eating habits have not only on our body and health, but on the earth and the environment. This awareness is causing the number of people with a vegetarian diet to rise. A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, but may sometimes consume animal products. Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular because of the health benefits it provides, which includes increased prevention against certain diseases, and even the possibility of increased life span. Another reason to consider the diet or a reduction in meat consumption is because of the environmental effects that the meat industry has on the earth. The livestock industry and production of meat uses more land and water, while creating larger amounts of pollution, than of the farming and production of plants and food in a vegetarian diet. Aside from ethical considerations, the vegetarian diet is beneficial to the environment with its minimal carbon footprint, water usage, and production of pollution, and it also provides a lower risk for health problems such as cardiac events, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Therefore, vegetarianism is the superior diet, which more people should abide by.
Adhering to a vegetarian diet offers improved overall health and provides additional protection against numerous conditions and diseases. Nutrition and wellness expert Ann Kulze, MD
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