Is Vera 's Major Depressive Disorder?

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15. Clearly Vera has Major Depressive Disorder. According to the DSMV the person has to meet at least 5 of the 8 points for period in the criteria 2 weeks period and Vera fits the criteria. Vera has had the following symptoms for more than six weeks. Symptoms: *Wants to sleep all the time *She cry all the time when she is alone *She has lost appetite and has lose weight *She feels worthless and hopeless *She feels sad most of the time and rarely smiles or laughs. Case conceptualization with ITP ITP work with the different points: *Grief *Interpersonal Dispute *Role Transition *Interpersonal Deficits As Vera’s therapist I will conceptualized her case using IPT and will choose Role transition for a point of starting. Clearly Vera is going…show more content…
This helps to quantify which automatic thoughts are most important. *We will work with Vera to understand and recognize Intermediate Beliefs. We will have Vera complete a questionnaire or inventory that will help identify her beliefs (e.g., Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale). *We will work also on Vera’s core beliefs that may be underlying her dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts. Vera will Keep a notepad with her and attempt to list automatic thoughts that she has during the day. Medication: SSRI 16. Clinicians differentiate between the followings: *Major Depression: persistent depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. *Recurrent: after a patient has been in remission from a previous MDD episode, and falls into a MDD again. *Dysthymia: low mood occurring for at least two years, along with at least two other symptoms of depression. *Bipolar I: one or more manic episode or mixed episodes accompanied by episodes of depression. * Bipolar II: one or more major depressive episodes and at least one episode of hypomania, with possible periods of level mood between episodes. Also the highs in bipolar II, called hypomania’s, and are not as high as those in bipolar I. The treatment of choice for the MDD, MDD Recurrent, and Dysthymia; will be Psychotropic medication, CBT, Interpersonal Treatment,

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