Is Victoria Beckham A Multi Million Dollar Fashion Empire?

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Victoria Beckham, a name more widely known as the former Posh Spice and David Beckham’s wife, now that is a name recognized all over the world for her fashion empire, as well as her work as a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador. Victoria displays drive, need for power, knowledge, and all of the other basic qualities of leaders. She turned her singer status into an inspirational leader to a wide variety of many different individuals. Victoria is a leader to aspiring designers, entrepreneurs, girls of all ages, mothers, those involved in treating HIV/AIDS, and those who have AIDS who are looking up to her for guidance and help. She is an effective leader through her emotional intelligence, gender, inspirational, and transformational leadership. These are rather simple concepts, however, when working together through the work that Victoria does, it creates a wildly successful individual. Although observing through social media and news articles is often deceiving, Victoria makes running a multi-million dollar fashion empire on top of her other responsibilities look easy. She is a very devoted family woman who is constantly traveling around the world to promote and expand her brand, and work with UNAIDS. Victoria uses all of these different high-stress factors in her life to be a leader and empower her followers.
Emotional intelligence is stated as the ability to recognize and manage emotion in oneself and in others. Those who posses a high level of emotional intelligence have…
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