Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Animation?

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Is Virtual Reality the Future of Animation?


(96) Virtual reality (VR) is define as a cybernetic simulation of 3D surroundings which can be interactive through auditory, sensory and visually stimulating equipment, i.e. gloves, headgear or headphones. VR is an incredibly recent development in technology and such has much room to progress with, I believe that VR is the future of animation as the key aim is to transport the viewer into the world we have created, VR being the next logical step as it creates this suspension of belief as well as activating all of the senses we use to perceive the real world.


(376) Some people would argue that VR began in 1838 with the Stereoscope by Charles Wheatstone, this device was made by 'two images photographed representing the view seen by each eye '[] placed inside a 3D headset giving the viewer depth and immersion. The first mention of VR in science fiction was in a 1930s short story called Pygmalion 's Spectacles written by Stanley G. Weinbaum, he describes a goggle based system projecting a holographic image which activates certain senses such as sound and touch[]. In the 1950s with Morton Heilig created The Sensorama, a machine creating sound, smells, and even wind to accompany the visuals completely mechanically. VR became more popular in theatre such as Tron (1982) and The Lawnmower Man…

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