Is Visited The Mutter Museum?

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Claudia Alarco Alarco December 5,2014 Disease in History Research Essay When we visited the Mutter Museum, I was mesmerized by the amount of fascinating artifacts, collection of specimens, models, as well as the extensive variety of medical instruments. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is replete with some of the preeminent artifacts and sets of anatomical specimens in America. As a student, I was deeply intrigued by nearly everything. I was astounded by the amount of richness and diversity that makes up the history and culture of medicine. Out of all the exhibits in the Mutter Museum, I was strongly inclined and intrigued by the exhibit of the plaster cast and conjoined liver of the “Siamese twins” Chang and Eng. These two Thai conjoined twins were born in 1811. They came to the United States in 1829 to tour and perform. Chang and Eng eventually married sisters and bought adjacent farms near the lands of North Carolina during the early 1840’s. This exhibit along with countless number of expositions of the malformations of human beings ignited a very strong interest for the subject of teratology. And it was at that moment, as I stared into the unbelievable anatomy of these incredible creatures, that I made the decision of pursuing the subject of teratology for this particular research essay. In today’s society we praise the abnormal, the different, the strange. We get pleasure and satisfaction from seeing the bizarre, the unusual, the wacky. In essence, what we

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