Is Voting The Only Way An Average American Can Vote Or Influence A Any Party?

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Is voting the only way an average American can vote or influence a certain party or candidate? Today’s politics is being shaped by Super PACS and Interest groups, and we see this all the time in the elections happening. A Super PAC is a political committee that is organized to raise money to support their candidate so they can pull ahead in the polls, and spend money to oppose the other candidates. An interest group supports a certain side on a topic and a candidate for a position in government would find it beneficial to appeal to interest groups in order to gain supporters. Interest groups and Super PACs has changed the way we elect someone for their desired position. Some examples of interest groups are GLAAD, NRA, and PETA.These different Interest groups have nothing in common, besides the fact that everyone wants their support. A candidate can find good in appealing to certain topics to influence interest group help. The support given would definitely boost the votes and donations the candidate gets in order to ensure his win. It seems that a candidate can benefit from Interest groups just because of who the candidates know. This is seen as unfair or wrong, which I can personally see, but it does have its advantages. A couple examples of Super PACs are Commonsense Ten PAC, Patriot Majority, and Citizens for a Working America PAC. Politics is influenced by these PACs, which are either liberal or conservative, finding ways to raise money for a better chance to win. It is

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