Is Walmart Good For America?

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A fundamental point of economics; trade happens because both parties know they’re getting the better deal. This drives the decisions of everyday consumers when they take part economically. When people make these decisions at Walmart it is good for America because they pay well, competition isn’t necessary, and globalization helps everyone. A job paying minimum wage not only sounds unattractive, it is in many ways considered unlivable(5). A family of four requires about 17$ an hour between two people to live (5). Walmart pays their employees 13$ on average(1). If both parents work minimum wage jobs, they’ll earn about 14$ per hour after tax; compared to Walmart providing one or both with 13$ an hour, enabling them to spend, as much as 3$…show more content…
Globalization. There is a large opportunity cost for lower prices; Walmart offsets this by always buying, or producing, from the cheapest option. By outsourcing to specialized countries they provide both, for our domestic economy, and the economy of the specialized people in the trade. The quote “If a factory in Mexico can produce it for cheaper, I would argue the company has a moral obligation to its customers - which typically are the poorest demographic in the United States - to buy from it.(2)” puts it nicely. If Walmart can find a lower price somewhere, it will. Bringing it’s money to bear. This is all done with consideration to our well being. Walmart has enough money to pay themselves, their employees, pass more savings to us, and then provide work to people across the world. By reaching out, more people have access to Walmart's affordable goods; this will provide for many people who wouldn’t otherwise gotten a chance. Walmart is good for America because, they give higher pay, they have the best prices for everyone, and reach out globally to make better offers. They take much care of their craft. Personal experiences with Walmart have been positive. Seldom has a problem not been solved within minutes, a price not satisfying, or a cheaper option overseas not taken. They know what they’re doing, and we benefit because of that. It’s excellent to have such a widely available system that so many people can
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