Is War Ever Justified Analysis

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Is War Ever Justified Should people be persecuted for their beliefs? The Reign of Terror was a war that had lasted for eighteen months starting with the execution of the king Louis XIV on January 21st 1793, and ending with the death of the leader of the revolution Robespierre. During those eighteen months 20,000 to 40,00 people were killed by the guillotine, and many more were killed by the war. The Reign of Terror was not justified because of the internal and external threats were not very serious, rights were being taken away, and because there were too many deaths, During the revolution there were some external and internal threats but they were not a major problem for France. Prussia and Austria did invade France but throughout the war France had an advantage and stayed winning, according to (document B) France had won the battle of Valmy in 1792, not only that but it also shows that three years later France had defeated Prussia and Austria and took over the…show more content…
The Vendee region had become the hub of the counterrevolution the people that were there fiercely fought against the military draft, and the people that set the laws that abolished Christianity. Because that was the main region that was against the revolution historians believed that anywhere between 80,000 and 500,000 French people died on both sides of the Vendee (document C). in March 1793 a tribunal court of justice was set up to try all crimes against the state but soon it became a corrupt system full of spies that would seek out anyone that was against or potentially against the government (document E). the revolution ended up dividing many of the people that lived in France and put one against another, it got to the point to where the revolutionaries decided to prove a point to the counterrevolutionaries in Lyons and destroyed 1600 homes, and chopped off heads in five minutes (document
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