Is War Good For Business?

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Is war good for business?

War is a topic, at which there are many arguments for and against whether it can better a society, and as a whole benefit the economy.

A war is the last route at which a country would choose to take when in a feud with other countries. There are various business sectors in which a war will have both negative and positive impact.

To participate within a war the country needs military resources. This will have a direct impact on specific businesses mainly within the primary and secondary sectors due to their ability and skill to produce raw material into demanded resources. This benefits these particular businesses due to the significant increase of production and sales, providing an instant injection of financial funds, this will allow and lead to areas of expansion and increase supply for additional resources in which may be needed.

An example of this is World War 2, in an economists eyes some believe that the great depression did not end until this particular war started. Businesses in this particular sector were affected within this war as more employees were needed to work in factories to help produce weaponry and manufacture the raw materials. (cliffnotes)Businesses in this sector began to make profit and were able to pay staff wages where before they may not have been able. People were no longer in debt and became able to afford food for themselves and their families. Wages went up and inflation didn’t shoot up which meant the economy
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