Is Watching Television Is Bad For Our Health

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No one has claimed that television is good for our health. However, there is an enormous amount of research that have provided evidence that watching television is bad for our health. Watching television or tablet can affect the way we perceive life. Some might forget how to use some life skills due to watching an excessive amount of television. Television is not healthy for our bodies and can lead to health issues, sleep deprivation, being anti-social, and making us dumb. First of all, watching television is a great activity to pass time, but it can hurt our eyes and give us sleep deprivation. Our eyes can get hurt from the constant light we receive from the T.V. Usually people will watch their favorite show when they are in bed at night. This means that their eyes are focused on only one item and that is usually a tablet. Some people also will put the brightness to the maximum while their room is pitch black. This will get their eyes strain and will lower their capacity to see. While they have their screens to maximum brightness, they will not be able to sleep because they are focused on figuring out whether their favorite character is going to die or is the one who committed the murder. For example, I used to binge-watch “Jane the Virgin” which is a T.V. show based on a girl who got pregnant without having sexual intercourse. The show is a drama show which involved murder and betrayal. I used to stay up until four AM every night just to find out what happened next. This
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