Is Water A Safe Drinking Water?

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About seventy percent of the world is composed of water, yet only two percent is safe enough to drink. Water, simply two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, is the most essential element for life function (Importance of Water Web). Water enables life for all organisms, makes up two thirds of the human body, and is important in maintaining homeostasis, a balanced body system. Without water the human body would deteriorate within a few days and cease to function. Without water, plants, animals and our thriving ecosystem would fail. Like oxygen, water is a life necessity. Yet, many go without safe drinking water because water is not easily accessible. Multiple communities within the United States have been unable to source drinkable water and lack the resources to make improvements. Thus, business minded individuals have found the perfect scenario for profit: high demand. Casting aside any moral sense of obligation to help the less fortunate, large corporation have taken taken this resource and turned it into a commodity. Not all people have access to clean water, yet through corporate finagling and strategic marketing large companies have been able to create a profitable business off of what could and should be a freely accessible resource. According to data from BMC, the Beverage Marketing Corp, bottled water sales have seen approximately a thirteen percent increase within the last few years (Posnick Web). This data confirms, as said in the article Take Back the Tap, that…
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