Is Writing A Discourse Community?

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Understand the ways that reader and writer wrote in and beyond the university. On way is writing essays about certain discourse communities like the “Persuasive” essay, where I had to write about a discourse community I was part of and how it used writing. It was a challenging essay on the part where I had to explain and give examples since my discourse community was my criminal justice study group. It was hard to describe how writing took place and make it persuasive showing why writing is important to my discourse community.Second is reading different articles that were connected to different discourse communities from each other. And writing a response to the article was great because it makes me think little and look deeper instead of just reading. The response I wrote was on information that was relatable showing that I understand or question, that meant I was confused or lost. Third is workshops were great and really helpful because it gave me feedback on my essay and I got to read my classmates essays that was from different discourse community. It gave me other ideas and made me more open minded to others thoughts on their paper.And I also got to give feedback on something I was lost or confused about, something that I liked, or something they should change. Lastly, I wrote five essays in total in english. I enjoyed writing all of them not because they were easy, because they were different from each other. They come from different discourse communities which made it…
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