Is Writing A Discourse Community?

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Understand the ways that reader and writer wrote in and beyond the university. On way is writing essays about certain discourse communities like the “Persuasive” essay, where I had to write about a discourse community I was part of and how it used writing. It was a challenging essay on the part where I had to explain and give examples since my discourse community was my criminal justice study group. It was hard to describe how writing took place and make it persuasive showing why writing is important to my discourse community.Second is reading different articles that were connected to different discourse communities from each other. And writing a response to the article was great because it makes me think little and look deeper instead of…show more content…
And also gave me chance to experience different types of essays.These were some things that helped me master some say reader and writer wrote beyond the university.
The second goal is understand and use process of reading, writing and research, which i did by doing the opposition essay and by giving feedback on a classmate 's essay.The opposition essay was like a research paper, it was a process of researching and putting the information together and creating an essay that answers the prompt. This essay was like teaching the process of research and how to support evidence. It was like intro or preview of how a research paper is done. And giving feedback on the essays was like similar process of a research paper but just done a little different. When I got to read the paper and look for something that needs to be changed or errors like research and then I would explain why that was, like supporting evidence. It was helpful getting feedback from others and hearing what they have to say about the essay.These were two things that help me accomplish the goal.
The third goal is develop a metacognitive understanding of the processes of reading, writing, and thinking, I did by doing the discourse essay, and personal narrative, journals and reading response.The discourse community essay contained thinking because I had to think back how writing was being used and how I could support that.Then getting it all down on the paper by writing the essay. Reading was
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