Is Your Firm 's Data Safe?

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Is Your Firm’s Data Safe? What We Can Learn From The Panama Papers Breach.
Author’s Note: Many thanks to Kristen Thomas of KT Designs, LLC for her help in bringing this information to you.
The news is filled with stories of major data breaches. It’s so commonplace now that it doesn’t raise alarm bells anymore, but it should. Media focus is generally on whose account has been breached and what they’re hiding rather than why the breach occurred. While scandals may be entertaining, there are valuable lessons we as lawyers can learn from these incidents.
Lesson One: Law firms are not immune to security breaches. It used to be all that was needed was a strong door and lock to keep client and employee information safe. Unfortunately, those days are gone, or are they? We’ll get to that in a moment.
Lesson Two: It can happen to your firm. In 2015, 80% of the top 100 law firms were breached. Small firms and solo practitioners are equally at risk. Unless you are still using a Raven or two cans and a string as your primary methods of communication, “fuggettaboutit!” Since 2009, major law firms have been warned their computer files are targets for cyber spies and thieves in countries worldwide looking for information about corporate mergers, patent and trade secrets, and litigation plans. Most firms aren’t even aware a breach has occurred until the FBI shows up at their door. Cyber spies and criminals are looking for the easiest target to steal from, big and small. Sometimes it’s
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