Essay Is Your Food Safe?

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America’s consumers today, whom are concerned with the food they are eating, will take time to look at nutritional information and the ingredients listed on the label. They check for the carbohydrates, fats, calories, sugars, and fiber. Consumers believe that thoroughly reading the label on this and other foods gives them some assurance that the food they are eating is healthy. The reason is that government standards require companies to list everything that goes into the package and ensure the ingredients are safe for human consumption. However, what if food producers were unaware ingredients of their food products were not intended for human consumption? How can food producers be assured they are producing a safe product? How can…show more content…
However, the FDA continues to maintain that GM food is safe for human consumption. During the last three years, the FDA has approved three additional GM crops, and they are expected to grant approval of GM salmon for human consumption later this year (Welch). With steady advances in technology, GM food crops are being grown not only for human consumption, but also for purposes other than human consumption. Genetically engineered crops can now produce prescription drugs, industrial chemicals, and biofuels. Pharma crops, as they are referred to, have created new concerns over GM produced crops. Several incidents have already occurred of these crops having contaminated pure crops (USDA). One such contamination, in 2000, resulted in Kraft foods recalling taco shells after the discovering they were made from GM corn unapproved for human consumption (Business Wire). Organic food companies, chefs and consumer groups have stepped up their efforts, so far unsuccessfully, to get the government to exercise more oversight of engineered foods. Their argument is that GM seeds and pollen are floating from field to field and contaminating pure crops. These groups have been bolstered by a growing network of consumers who are wary of processed and modified foods (“Shoppers Wary of GM Foods Find They’er Everywhere”). However, acreage planted for GM pharmaceutical crops
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