Is a Written Constitution the Right Thing for the UK?

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I feel cautious in enforcing a written constitution into our country, I believe the current rights have been stable and a change may seem unnecessary. The current arrangements have served Britain well for centuries, simply by relying on conventions. In my opinion, we should focus our energy on sorting the ever-growing problems affecting our country, rather than over complicating a situation. By not having a written constitution, it allows us to ensure the current laws adapt to changing situations quicker and easier. A Constitution is a set of rules that help govern the country, there are many different types of constitution but the two most commonly known are uncodified and codified. The British constitution has grown over time, …show more content…
As Britain is the only member of the EU without a written constitution, enforcing one could improve the countries stature. As of right now, the UK has a series of conventions, which are not necessary enforced by law. In America and in other countries that employ codified constitutions, Judges tend to resolve disputes on meaning and rights and I believe this could have a crushing affect on our Government perhaps even undermine the power of our Parliament. People may feel uncomfortable knowing judges have the option to overpower their elected politicians if they do not agree on a particular law, they also will not have to answer to Parliament for the decisions they make. “If it is to survive, a written constitution must be relatively vague, in order to allow it to develop over time. Responsibility for interpreting and reinterpreting the constitution to suit the time would be the responsibility of the Judiciary. This raises a number of difficulties. Judges are not elected, whereas the House of Commons are. Nethertheless, they would have the power to overrule the elected representatives of the people.” Williams (1998, p.16)
People may argue about the Judiciary having the main source of power. Concerns are raised about political members in power with the Government now, and that is with the citizens having the option to vote for whom they want as the elected members of different
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