Is ethnic profiling really helping society?

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Is ethnic profiling really helping society? Ethnic profiling has been around for some time but is it getting worse? Are too many people going to far? Is it hurting or helping society? Many believe that ethnic profiling is only helping society and but in reality its only tearing us apart for because of the following reason. “Muslims endure long delay to become U.S Citizens they're pulled out of lines at airports and treated differently from other passengers (Lamkamp)”. Muslims are getting denied to become American just because of their Ethnics. Thats assuming that all Arabs or Muslims are terrorist. Thats like saying all Caucasians are rich. Which not all of them are.…show more content…
Even if she did why would it matter. Its not like they were making small talk instead they were trying to interrogate her. Countless may say that Ethnic profiling only helps society. “The use of racial profiling is highly controversial the commissioner Graeme Innes said was necessary to address the growing belief that Australia was unsafe for international students and that racism was prevalent (Inners)”. Australia is getting to be unsafe for foreigner students. More and more Racial reports have been reported because of it. They are making it seem like nor foreign person is not allowed to be there because of their Ethnic. How is this helping society? Instead of helping its destroying society. Its also separating them from the world. Its like if someone invited the whole 3rd grade to their sleepover but did not invite one person because they were “different”. First and foremost we are not in third grade. Nor do we need to be singling out anyone. Ethnic profiling is just not the way to go. People can get hurt by this. Numerous foreigners are scared to travel because they think they will get treated differently. 9/11 was an abhorrent event thing but not every forgoriner is a
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