Is it That Important to Study How Children Play?

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People begin to question why a university student would want to study early childhood at university because they have this image in their head that there is nothing to learn about a preschool or its setting and that play is the only thing that is involved. The reality of this it is quiet intense to study early childhood because there is a lot to of content to learn about, many people do not realise that children learn through the way they play. It is a way for babies and infants to communicate, interact and most importantly play with each other. Play is not just about an infant or child playing, it is how they learn through play and this is widely mistaken by people who ask the question “Why go to university to learn how to play? Its simple isn’t it?”

Studying how children learn to play is in fact intense as a university student because there are many different types of play to learn such as social play, which involves the child interacting with other children in a play setting where children learn and begin to become fond of the social rules such as sharing, giving and taking objects and also being cooperative with other children. Through social play children are able to learn about what is in the world around them also developing their social, emotional, physical, literacy and numeracy skills through play. Children are able to learn about themselves, their environment, the people involved in their lives and the world around them. When a child plays, he or she learns to

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