Is religion still relevant in modern society today? Subject: General Paper

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Religion is the belief in God and the activities that are done in order to be closer to the Creator. Majority of the world population holds a religion yet the increasing number of free-thinkers have sprout the questioned of the relevance of religion. The practice and the belief in God seem to have clashed with the era of rationality where facts and evidence is needed in order to prove a point. With that, the importance once placed piously on religion seemed to have lost its vigor. However, the position in which religion currently stand does not entirely change the fact that it is still unduly important to individuals all across the globe to have something to believe in and to hope for (concept of Heaven and Hell). Science is one of the…show more content…
"Consciousness is an untamed horse, the mind an unruly monkey. If the spirit is overactive, the body will sicken and die." Wang Ming, staunch Buddhist once said. Buddhism is a good example of giving its believers inner-peace. The meditation that evolves around Buddhism is one of the ways that gives its followers the spiritual peace needed in life. In fact all the religions have some form of meditation. In fact, a study done by the University of Boston in the social science faculty shows that reading the holy Quran, the Bible and the Vedas are also a form of meditation. Religion is thus a vital ingredient in keeping a human mind set sane in this economic-wrapped up environment we surround ourselves in. Even in politics religion have a significant part to play. Religion has to be taken as a driving force that has the capacity to unite all devotees to go forth as one. During the ending part of the colonial era, Sukarno, (a local nationalist) set up the Syarikat Islam to inculcate the idea of nationalism in heart of the locals when they were under the Dutch administration. His political party was a success as he used Islam to unite the locals in their battle for independence. The power religion has on people is still present

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