Is the Criminal Justice System Bias?

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Criminal Justice Theories
Jason Shockley
Is the Criminal Justice System Bias

By: David Atkins

Abstract This paper will ask several questions and hopefully answer most of those questions. Questions like is the criminal justice system bias against the poor and is the criminal justice system bias against minorities. We then explore some of the possible solutions to the problems that could cause biases. We then look at a study done on several communities where relations between police and the public had repaired their relationship.

Body It’s easy to understand why people see the criminal justice system as biased. Our of all of our states prisoners forty percent can not even read; and sixty-seven percent did not have
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While traveling by buss there is definitely a larger chance of contact with the police than when traveling by air. There are also many more opportunities for crime to be committed while traveling on a buss. Again we have the situation where it’s not necessarily that the poor are treated differently but are maybe just in environments where crime is committed more often, which would explain why it seems that the system is biased against them (Rothwax, 1996)
So I feel like we could come to an agreement now that the criminal justice system is not necessarily biased against the poor at the law enforcement side of the criminal justice system. However, the courtroom side of the criminal justice system seems indirectly biased against the poor, simply because each trial can be different depending on how much money they defense and the prosecution have available to them.
Now lets talk about other ways that the criminal justice system could be bias. What about race? Are people treated differently depending on their ethnicity? Most people probably agree that there are some ethnic groups who are treated differently than other ethnic groups in the criminal justice system. Statistically minorities are disproportionately victimized by crime. “African Americans are victimized at a rate of 150 percent higher than whites” (Cole, 2000). Blacks are typically more involved in almost every kind of crime more so than whites. These
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