Is the Death Penalty Justified?

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Is the Death Penalty Justified? Jessica Valentine PHI 103 Informal Logic Professor Stephen Carter March 20, 2012 Is the Death Penalty Justified? The death penalty will always be a topic some people refuse to talk about. When in fact, it is a very serious topic and people should know how and why the death penalty is not justified. I believe the death penalty is not justified in the least bit because there are people sitting up in prison just living life because the state does not want to pay for an execution, or they find it to be morally corrupt. Personally if you committed a crime that resulted in someone dying then you deserves to die as well. The idea of killing another human does not sit well with people and that is mainly the…show more content…
The argument on who are we to have the power to kill someone who has been sentenced to the death penalty play a major role in most people’s life because we ultimately decide their fate. Some would say that only God should be allowed to decide the fate of every single person, and yes this is true by all means. So therefore, we should not be allowed to determine who and when a person should be sentenced to death. Another argument a person who is against the death penalty would have is they will get what they deserve in the end. In other words karma will get them so to speak. When bad people do bad things they will have bad things come back to them whether when they get sentenced to jail or they die an untimely death. People who are opposed to the death penalty just feel as if people will get what they deserve. The feel as if once a person gets locked up he or she shall be imprisoned for life and have to rot in a cell until they die and with this hopefully they will see what they did was wrong and why they are where they are for a reason. With this comes the idea that people who care to much for human life think that if a person spends the rest of their life in prison instead of being put to death they will learn their lesson while they sit in prison. Yes, some do learn many life lessons while in prison most inmates who went

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